Any comments?

  1. Watch the following (short) video
  2. Decide an alternative title for the clip.
  3. Make a comment.

7 responses to “Any comments?

  1. Presentation is great and full of useful information! I might start a blog soon!!

  2. Could be good for “interactivity” or possibly inspiring ss’ self expression. Also, for opinions, discussions, different points of view, it’s a good source for reading texts.

    But – difficult to use native-speaker texts for lower level groups (some bitter personal experience here), also ss don’t often do something they don’t have to do. Unless it’s mandated hw, students probably won’t contribute comments or blog posts.

    Also, if EAP courses are trying to steer ss away from the Internet, this could send out mixed signals.

    How do blogs relate to forums/discussion boards or Moodle?

  3. Sandy, Helen and Jackie

    It’s a wonder how it all works out!

  4. CristinaSaraSharon

    An age-old story!!!!!

  5. Ben, Andy, Will, Nigel, Carl

    Circles and Squares?
    Don’t be a Square?
    The Square and the Pussycat?

    Stereotypes? – from the end of the film itself

    The Same Difference?
    Citizen Kane

  6. Good for starting a discussion with an advanced group

  7. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose
    Rally for change?
    Recognise yourself?
    Do you know these people?
    One wife, one world

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