Cosa è un blog?

First things first: do you know what a blog is?

For those less familiar with blogs, we are going to identify the main elements and structure of a blog, and, to do so, we´ll carry out the following tasks:

  1. Have a look at (at least) two of the blogs below.
  2. Think which are their main elements and structure; what you think makes a blog what it is.
  3. Leave a comment with your answers.

Sei italiano se

Made in italy

One way to sweeden

Il blog di Beppe Grillo

All blogs are websites.

However, blogs are a particular kind of website and our task is to distinguish clearly between blogs an other types of sites available online.

Visit the following 2 sites and identify which one is a typical website and which one is a blog. What’s the difference?

Rising voices

BBC World


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