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Qualque esempio

Have a look a these blogs and identify how they are being used to support language lessons.

En mi bolsillo

AulaELE: Sociedad


El blog del verano

Now have a look at these italian blogs and identify their uses:

Il due blog

Insegnare italiano a stranieri

Una finesta sull’italia

il blog dei lettori d’italiano dell’università diRennes 2



Tipi di blogs

We can identify three potential uses for the blog in the language classroom:

  1. The tutor blog: daily reading practice for learners, online verbal exchange using comments, class information, resource for self-study.
  2. The learner blog: student get writing practice, develop a sense of ownership, and whatever they write can instantly be read by anyone else and, due to the comment features of the software, further exchange of ideas is promoted.
  3. The class blog: Students can create a free-form bulletin board, interact in an international classroom language exchange, or a project-based language learning exercise, where students can develop writing and research skills by creating an online resource.

Insegnare con blogs… si può?

There are blogs about any topic you can imagine: cinema, football, knitting, losing wait, pet food, journalism, economics, music, chess, and many, many more…

Can you think of how blogs might be used by (language) teachers? Think about it… any ideas?

Think of the levels you teach; the aims of your courses; the type of student you teach; the content and the skills you want your students to develop.

Any suggestions regarding how you could use blogs to support your lessons?

Cosa è un blog?

First things first: do you know what a blog is?

For those less familiar with blogs, we are going to identify the main elements and structure of a blog, and, to do so, we´ll carry out the following tasks:

  1. Have a look at (at least) two of the blogs below.
  2. Think which are their main elements and structure; what you think makes a blog what it is.
  3. Leave a comment with your answers.

Sei italiano se

Made in italy

One way to sweeden

Il blog di Beppe Grillo

All blogs are websites.

However, blogs are a particular kind of website and our task is to distinguish clearly between blogs an other types of sites available online.

Visit the following 2 sites and identify which one is a typical website and which one is a blog. What’s the difference?

Rising voices

BBC World